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We're on a mission
to change the predictive marketing landscape

Our goal

We want to put the power of data in the hands of marketing teams. Because we believe in the power of predictive data. Every marketer wants to create more relevant customer experiences. Datatrics enables them to do exactly that. So they can increase revenues in the best possible way: by helping their customers while using their creativity to the fullest.

Analyse, learn and grow together

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Learn and grow

We believe in the power of predictive marketing and want to make it available for everyone, not just the big boys. By stimulating connectivity and open innovation, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to grow.

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A marketing perspective

True, we use deep learning and algorithms. But everything we do translates to practical solutions for marketers. Our goal is to provide marketers with a practical and user friendly tool, not (yet) another IT solution.

Teamwork make the dream work

Here at Datatrics we know that we need each other to achieve our goal. And we need you, our valued customers, as well. Let's build on our experiences with Datatrics and enhance them step by step.

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A mindful place to work

You should really come and visit our office in Enschede one day. It’s a great place where great ideas are born and optimized. We strive for a stress-free workplace and we love the openness of it.

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Our Core Values

Working together is the only way we can help our clients even better in the future. That is why we believe in co-makership. The longer we know each other, the better we complete each other. Just like Datatrics works even better in time. That is how we learn and grow every day.

Our Partner Models

Do you think your clients would benefit from using Datatrics, or do you want to integrate the predictive power of Datatrics in your own product or value proposition? Become a Datatrics partner.

Our Partner Models

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We're here for you, and we’re wearing our thinking caps. But first swing by our fantastic Help Center for all your Datatrics product and technical needs!

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