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Enable your buyers to create their own journeys

At Datatrics, we’re specialists in helping businesses to develop personal connections with individual customers. Our self-learning, scalable and actionable Customer Data Platform (CDP) creates real-time, personalised customer profiles that enable you to meet buyers and prospects exactly where, when and how they want to be met. More and more consumers today are opting for brands who can help them create their own journeys. We believe CDPs like ours are a vital part of the future of customer experience and marketing.


Founded - 2012

Datatrics was founded in the Netherlands in 2012 by Bas Nieland, who is still the company’s CEO. Nieland began to empower marketers by integrating marketing solutions and dashboarding. By 2014 he had developed an intuitive interface that provided quick and easy access to multi-source data, with machine learning algorithms to analyse the data and propose actions. The term CDP was just coming into use as a successor to earlier Data Management Platforms (DMP). Datatrics was among the earliest CDP developers.

Market leader Benelux - 2020

Market leaders in the Benelux, steady growth across Europe Building on our position as market leaders in the Benelux, we are extending our reach in Europe and beyond. We have offices in the Netherlands and Italy, and strategic partnerships in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Nordic countries and Latin America. Our expertise in automation, machine learning and innovation, coupled with our in-depth understanding of e-commerce, is powering consistent growth in these regions. And we’re doing it without substantial team expansion, at optimised cost and with continuously increasing impact.

2018 - Growens

The efficacy of our CDP drove rapid growth for our company. Today, Datatrics serves many hundreds of organisations with a dedicated team of around 50 people. In 2018, we were acquired by Growens, an Italian stock-listed company with a strong track record in marketing technology. Growens is a group that offers small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in over 100 countries a range of services complementary to ours. The partnership means you can count on Datatrics as a solid enabler with the leverage to sustain healthy growth and invest in your future.

2021 - The pioneering spirit

The cutting edge of customer experience The pioneering spirit that set Datatrics in motion continues to guide our company and our clients forward into the Digital Age. As more organisations tap into our self-learning CDP, providing more data and more refined analyses, we are equipped to operate on the cutting edge of brand experience. We’re here to help your company strengthen customer loyalty, increase revenue and achieve its strategic goals.


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