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Customer Journeys

Follow your customers across channels, get actionable insights and serve them personal, relevant content along their journey.

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Follow your audience across channels

We identify people, not just data touchpoints. Our algorithms track and identify interests and value of each customer, across channels, based on website behavior, social interactions, external sources and much more.

360° customer profiles

By combining customer data from all of your channels, you get a 360 degree view of your entire audience. Our 360 degree customer profiles show their touchpoints, interests, customer type, buying phase and much more.

Get actionable insights

Our Next Best Actions tell you exactly what makes your customers smile. Know what to post, which channel to use, who to contact and when to do so. Collaborate with your team, plan actions and reach your marketing goals.

Serve content along customer journeys

Serve your customers with sequential and personalized content along their journey. Do they need inspirational content? Are they searching for specific aspects of your product? Or, are they evaluating a recent purchase?

Are you ready to give your marketing efforts a boost?

Are you curious why many companies use Datatrics, and how we optimize their marketing efforts? Read our Success Stories or see for yourself!

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