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Data Management Platform

Connect your marketing tools, other sources, gain a 360 degree view on you data and make your existing tools smarter.

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Simple one-click integrations

Connect your existing tools with simple one-click connections. Datatrics offers more than 50 out-of-the-box integrations with commonly used marketing tools like e-commerce, social media and email marketing tools.

Make your existing tools smarter

Add the intelligence of Datatrics to your existing tools by adding predictive values to their data. Target lookalikes from Twitter on Facebook, or use predictive segments in your email marketing; We make it happen.

Enrich your data with external sources

Datatrics can enrich your own data with data from other sources, such as reviews, weather, holidays or traffic velocity. By adding external data sources you can identify even better how to make your audience happy.

Connect data from any source

Connect and collect data from all of your custom and proprietary sources. Upload your CSV files, or connect to a custom XML or json feed. You can even make your own connections with our RESTful API.

Are you ready to give your marketing efforts a boost?

Are you curious why many companies use Datatrics, and how we optimize their marketing efforts? Read our Success Stories or see for yourself!

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