Datatrics: a platform for predictive marketing

This is a summary of a blog written in Dutch on Emerce by Hans Voorn. This blog is written in 2016, after an interview with Christiaan Proper, employee of the online platform Datatrics.

“We want to be the online platform for marketers “, says Christiaan Proper from start-up Datatrics. “We bring all data sources such as email marketing tools, Google Analytics, social channels, and CRM data together. So we can predict the next best action per person. “

“We predict what type of customer someone is, in which buying phase they are, and how to convince them. For example using ‘there are only three products available’, or ‘at this moment ten people are looking at this product’,” explains Proper. “Next to this we help configure all different kinds of touchpoints in the customer journey, and ensure that the right content reaches the customer on all channels. We look at the other customers in the databases. For example, if a customer buys product A, B, C and D, we can introduce product D to a customer who also bought product A, B and C.”

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NOTE: it is in Dutch