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De Jong Intra: compete smarter in travel with a DMP

By Jelmer Pepping The travel industry is very competitive and the battle for the online consumer’s attention is fierce. De […]

By Jelmer Pepping

The travel industry is very competitive and the battle for the online consumer’s attention is fierce. De Jong Intra Vakanties choose a much more targeted approach than before, using a data management platform (DMP). As a result, the marketing budget is spent more effectively and the acquisition costs per booking are lower.

De Jong Intra Vakanties was founded in 1974. It is a medium sized tour operator with a wide range of destinations and types of travel. From Andorra to the Seychelles and from group travel by bus to winter sport. The trips are sold to both travel agencies and independent travel consultants, and also online. The last one requires a digital transformation. 

“De Jong Intra wants to personalize the customer journey by making better use of available data.”  -Marvin Soekra, Teamlead Online Marketing at De Jong Intra.

“We have chosen to implement a data management platform so we can connect all internal and external data, and store them in one central location.” says Marvin. “By tracking website behavior, we can create customer profiles and target them more specifically, whether the visitor is anonymous or known. Datatrics’ algorithms look far beyond what you can reach and can even predict customer behavior. That is partly why we have chosen this system. The fact that it is possible to connect with more than 100 tools, that one-to-one communication is possible and that it is easy to implement played a role as well. “

Where do you spend your budget?

The ultimate goal of the Jong intra is to apply high targeted customer communication with the help of the DMP. They are not that far yet, but the segmentation is already pretty refined. “The system analyzes based on availablity of data. Such as what type of customer the website visitor is, the phase of the customer journey in which they are located, what they can be persuaded with, et cetera. Based on this, we don’t only determine which content we show, but also how far our marketing efforts should go. The customer behavior is spread over many different channels – How do you determine where you put your budget into? Email, Google, Social Media? The DMP can make an objective analysis and give action-based insights. “

Persuasion principles

De Jong Intra has created content that is based on the persuasion principles of Cialdinin. “It is comparable to what you see at,” says Melvin. “I find pop-ups and such very annoying, but the reality is that it works. The conversion has increased by 21 percent. That is pretty impressive given that you just use some simple techniques that are triggered by the behavior of the visitor. “

To convince a visitor that they have to book a vacation, means you should offer the right content. “A visitor who is not a customer yet and who is in the inspiration stage, will not get to see an overview of all your products,” says Marvin. “That person is not ready for conversion yet, but wants to be inspired. In the comparison phase, we do move the communication more towards supply. For instance; are you looking for a city trip, river cruise, bus trip? When in the comparison phase, we can persuade with social proof (if the DMP’s analysis shows that a visitor is sensitive to it). In the decision phase we try to give the visitor a push-to-action, such as a 50 euro discount, to give them that last push to conversion. Most of the time, 80 to 90 percent, this works and the visitor goes into conversion. “

Playing with weather data

Realization of conversion is not just in the content: by making content more readable, De Jong Intra has realized an uplift of 10 percent. “The text was quite a knit. We used bullet points to make the structure clearer. It took some time and effort to adjust all product pages, but it had a great result. “

Another interesting effect was achieved by De Jong Intra because of playing with weather data, tells Marvin. “It is a no-brainer that when it rains, people are more in the mood to book a holiday. But how do you apply that knowledge? We sell Winterberg as destination, which is a three-hour drive from Utrecht. The algorithm is designed in a way that if there is snow in Winterberg, we offer 20 percent more on the corresponding keywords in Google Adwords. By applying business rules to external data and automating that, we have created an effective process that actually goes all automatically. “

All improvements and the use of the DMP resulted in an increase of the online conversion of 19 percent with the same marketing budget, according to Marvin. “An additional advantage is that our strategy is GDPR-proof. Each visitor agrees, on an individual level, which pivacy statements he authorizes to use. For example, do track website behavior, but don’t receive emails. That possibility is in the system already, so we can be compliant more easily. “

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