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About Datatrics

We’re on a mission to change the predictive marketing landscape.

A marketing perspective

We use deep learning and algorithms, but everything we do translates to practical solutions for marketers. Our goal is to provide marketers with a practical and fool-proof tool, not (yet) another IT solution.

Learn and grow together

We believe in the power of predictive marketing and want to make it available for everyone, not just the big boys. By stimulating connectivity and open innovation, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to grow.

Bas Nieland

CEO & Co-founder

Michiel Klingeman


Carlo Caunter


Tycho Barnard

Solution Architect

Christiaan Proper

Solution Architect

Marije Wessels

Client Success Manager

Pepijn Yben

Data Engineer

Nico Borghuis

Software Engineer

Sven van Munster

Data Scientist

Britt Kienhuis

Office Manager

Nienke Bruggeman

People & Culture

Jelmer Pepping

Sales Coordinator

Want to help us create magic?

We are always looking for talented people. Are you looking for the internship you always dreamed of? Are you an awesome UI/UX Designer, a hard-core Developer or another great addition to our team? We’d love to hear from you!

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