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Find out how increases its revenues by 63% combining Web Reputation and Predictive Marketing increases its revenues by 63% combining Web Reputation and Predictive Marketing is a company from the South of Italy (Puglia) specialized in the online sale of clothing and accessories of Luxury Brands with over 25,000 references per year, currently distributes in 11 countries.

Syfer is one of the most famous digital agencies in Southern Italy, specializing in the realization of web projects tailored to the companies that want to grow online, with solutions of Ecommerce Design, Marketing and Multichannel Sales.
– High-end online retailer with a wide catalogue of over 25,000 references
– Founded in 2017
– Headquarters in Casamassima, Bari (Italy)

– Web Reputation Optimization and Monitoring
– Use of Web Reputation as a competitive advantage
– Increase e-commerce website turnover and conversion rate

– Tracking of site visitors interacting with reviews
– Micro-segmentation of public and campaigns
– Implementation of cross-channel Marketing Automation flows

RESULTS (period: 01/09/2019 – 01/09/2020)
Additional revenures from the Website: + 63% in one year
Average Customer Engagement Rate: 81%

Syfer has been a Partner of Datatrics and Feedaty for years now, and for its best customers it combines these two solutions for the development of a coherent and consistent Web Reputation strategy.

Datatrics, with its Smart CDP (Customer Data Platform) collects data from internal sources (CRM, Email, Social Network, E-commerce, Web Analytics, etc.) and external sources (demographic data, weather conditions, traffic intensity, etc.), creating a database with 360-degree customer profiles – interests, online behaviors, channels with which the user interacted, when he last purchased, which marketing leverage worked, etc.

Feedaty, the platform for collecting, managing and certifying ratings, reviews and 100% Italian user-generated content, hires post-purchase customers inviting them to leave a comment and vote on both the product purchased and the purchase experience.

By combining the two tools, Syfer has achieved the perfect mix to power cross-channel marketing automation campaigns by intercepting customers on the site itself, through custom pop-ups, dynamic content via email or remarketing campaigns.

For, has been defined:

  • Level of engagement of these customers within the website.
  • Purchase Potential.
  • Business Opportunities (in euros).
  • Type of customers.
  • Suggested products.

The identified segment was included into a single strategy on Datatrics with:

1. Pop-up on site.

2. Personalized Emails.

3. AI-powered Remarketing campaigns.

Taking into consideration the activities of Datatrics, campaigns and targeted activities have been carried out that have led to really excellent results:

  • Product Recommendation on-site: use of the automatic suggestion of products through popups or integrated on the site, viewable only to users who are at a certain stage of their Customer Journey and with a suggestion based on the Datatrics Machine learning.

  • Safety messages during navigation: use of messages integrated on the website. Datatrics customized 1to1 communication messages from Drestige without touching the code. Customized customer journeys have been created based on the characteristics and behavior of each user and relevant and relevant messages are given to increase the conversion rate and finalization to the purchase for the user in target that is browsing the site.



  • Segmentazione iper profilata per Email e Advertising: utilizzo della funzionalità di iper segmentazione di Datatrics al fine di creare target di utenti precisi e meriti ai quali mostrare contenuti o offerte specifiche, ad esempio “utenti con alto potenziale di spesa, ma senza conversioni”, oppure “utenti fedeli”, oppure “utenti da recensioni Feedaty”, etc. Queste audience sono state utilizzate per personalizzare il contenuto delle email e l’Advertising sui canali a performance (Google, Facebook, Display Adv).
  • Hyper-profiled segmentation for Email and Advertising: use of Datatrics’ hyper-segmentation functionality in order to create precise user targets and merits to which to show specific content or offers, for example “users with high spending potential, but no conversions”, or “loyal users”, or “users from Feedaty reviews”, etc. These audiences were used to customize the content of emails and Advertising on performance channels (Google, Facebook, Display Adv).



Analysis period: 1 September 2019 – 31 August 2020


  • Increased engagement of onsite users::


Thanks to Datatrics we have obtained interesting results also in this respect, and in particular:

  • Returning users: The inclusion of messages and content relevant to the needs of potential customers has resulted in an improvement in the loyalty of Drestige users, and the percentage of returning users has increased by 18%.
  • Page views: users thanks to some campaigns that have allowed a greater customization of the browsing experience have had a higher engagement. The page views increased by 47% despite the site had already been optimized previously.


  • Increase of conversions:


It is one of the strategic goals behind the implementation of Datatrics. Thanks to targeted and relevant communication activities on specific target segments, and the use of purchasing persuasion strategies implemented with the artificial intelligence engine Datatrics Predict, the total conversion rate of the Drestige website with Datatrics increased by 69%.

The following results have been obtained in detail by examining the specific examples analysed above:

  • The activity of Product Recommendation on-site has led to a 60% increase in the conversion rate on the site.
  • The use of the messages of safety has carried to an increment of 55% of the rate of conversion on the specific target of customers.
  • The use of profiled segmentation has allowed to optimize the activities of Adv and Email marketing leading to an increase in conversions of more than 80% and a reduction in the costs associated with campaigns.

Trend chart Drestige conversion rate with Datatrics vs. Drestige standard.

The results obtained have encouraged to extend the same strategy to other countries, and new steps are being considered to be included in the flow of communication, in order to be able to continue to maintain the level of engagement and competitive advantage gained.

“I am very pleased with the results achieved with Drestige. The goal that we set ourselves, whenever a new customer becomes part of our family, is growth. A process that we have also undertaken with Drestige, which thanks to the trust placed in us has gained clear results. All this is also due to the integrated and simultaneous use of Datatrics and Feedaty. They are not just tools, but they are a valuable and necessary means of making the most of a good reputation and achieving one’s goals. ” – Raoul Cuppone, Project Manager, Syfer

“We are happy with the work done by Syfer and the attention he places in the construction of our digital reputation that allows us to continue growing over the years, accompanying us in the international expansion of our brand. The integration of Datatrics and Feedaty gave an extra boost to our business; because it is not enough just to spend more to cash out more; in fact, the two platforms offer an excellent quality/ price ratio. Betting on your strengths and exploiting them is the winning strategy.” – Luigi Tortorella, Marketing Manager,

“I am proud of the results that Drestige has achieved thanks to the targeted and conscious use of our predictive marketing technology. We are happy to accompany Drestige in its continuous future growth.” – Tiziano Barbagallo, Country Manager Italy di Datatrics

”We are happy to see that the work of building and spreading reviews and reputation that we have done with Drestige is paying off and we are equally convinced that the integration with Datatrics, as you can already appreciate from the numbers, the impact on growth will increase even more.” – Matteo Hertel, CEO e Fondatore di Feedaty




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