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Eden Hotels and Datatrics

By using Datatrics Eden Hotels attracts new guests, increases their online bookings and increases loyalty & engagement among customers, leading to a conversion increase of 35%!


Eden Hotels is a true Dutch hotel family that since the start in 1947 shares personal local experiences in order to create lasting memories for the guests. They make guests happy with that extra bit of attention in a sometimes somewhat cheeky, personal & fresh way.

Eden Hotels, like most hotels, strongly depends on large OTA’s like and Trivago for online bookings. Eden Hotels wanted to increase online bookings on their own website and create predictive persona’s to personalize their marketing efforts on all channels.

Eden Hotels uses Datatrics to unify their customer data in one platform and create 360 degree customer profiles. They use Datatrics to target high potential customers with advertising, create a personalized experience on their website and (re)engage customers using email marketing.



Attract new customers with advertising

It’s important to make sure your brand is known and top of mind with your (potential) customers. Using Datatrics, it’s easy to target high potential customers, based on data from all your tools, on all your channels, including many advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords and DoubleClick. Eden Hotels uses Datatrics to synchornize their predictive segments with advertising tools to increase their ROAS.


Website Personalization

Create unique experiences that drive conversion

Your website is where the online bookings happen. For hotels, it’s key to serve each visitor with a customly tailored experience to suit their information needs, and to persuade them to book on your website instead of with an OTA like Eden Hotels uses Datatrics to personalize their website based on customer types, buying phases and persuasion sensitivity, creating a unique experience for each visitor. Doing so, they have increased their conversion rate with 23%.




Email Marketing

Increase customer loyalty and engagement

You have to keep your customers satisfied. A loyal customer is a valuable agent for your brand and good for many stays at your hotels. Eden Hotels uses Datatrics’ built-in mailing solution to send triggered emails to customers after their purchase, increasing customer loyalty and engagement, and promoting upsell for their bookings.


Email Marketing

Upsell and cross-sell to your existing customers

Being relevant is key to keep your customers happy and coming back to your hotel. Using Datatrics, Eden Hotels delivers highly personalized and relevant email content based on previous bookings and purchases, behavior and preferences.

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