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21 Dec

December 21st, 2017
16:00 - 16:30

Datatrics: how to serve every customer with relevant content

Datatrics is an online platform that realizes an increase in your reach, conversion, customer loyalty & engagement. Our customer portfolio includes companies such as Coolblue, Siemens, BP, and many more companies that want to serve their customers with relevant content.

Datatrics connects all your internal data sources, like your CRM system, email tool, social channels, and much more. We bring all your data together. Besides the internal data sources, Datatrics adds external data sources like demographic data, weather forecasts, and traffic information. This enables the Datatrics platform to make 360 degree customer profiles.

Based on those customer profiles, you can target your customer with relevant content along their customer journey. The dynamic content can be used on your website, in emails, and in advertising. By being more relevant, Datatrics increases conversions by on average 10-20%.

During the webinar, Jelmer and Christiaan will tell you everything about the Datatrics platform. Of course there is time for questions and specific use cases.