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From graduate to New Business Development Coordinator

Between February and July 2019, Robbin Righard worked on his graduation thesis at Datatrics. He wrote the thesis to complete his “Commerciële Economie” (Commercial Economics) studies. Learn more about his adventures at Datatrics in this article.

Robbin is 21 years old and has spent the months February through July 2019 at Datatrics working on his thesis for his Commercial Economics studies. He has managed to make a good impression on his colleagues. Because of this positive impact he has since been working at Datatrics as a New Business Development Coordinator. “I have gained more hands-on experience on e-commerce and online marketing during my time at Datatrics, than the study books have taught me”. 


Personalize the fashion industry

Robbin found out about this graduation assignment through a vacancy he spotted on LinkedIn. “I got immediately enthusiastic about Datatrics after I had the first interview. This was mainly due to the young team working at Datatrics and the unique product the company is selling. Before I started my graduation assignment, I barely knew anything about data-driven personalisation”


Even though data-driven personalisation was a subject he had little knowledge of, that was the exact subject he decided to focus on during his graduation. He decided to focus particularly on the possibilities using personalisation in fashion. “I had, among other things, researched to what extend the fashion industry is already using personalisation and what areas are still lacking. Based on this research I have provided Datatrics with information regarding ways in which they can approach the fashion industry. Next to this project I was fully integrated in the inbound sales department and had the responsibility of ensuring that our account managers have a sufficient number of appointments.”


Gather knowledge and develop yourself

The fact that the graduation period was a productive and pleasant experience is clearly shown by the opportunity given to Robbin to continue his career at Datatrics. When asked about his experiences with the company, Robbin responded: “I would highly recommend Datatrics to other students. Everyone is very willing to help you in case you need any help. One thing that was very important to me is the friendly and informal atmosphere. Moreover, the company offers their employees many opportunities for personal development. And you are free to decide for yourself what skills you want to develop or improve. One thing I learned about myself is that I prefer doing sales instead of marketing. During my graduation period I have learned a lot regarding e-commerce and online marketing. To be honest, I have gained more hands-on experience on e-commerce and online marketing during my time at Datatrics, than the study books have taught me”. 


Don’t forget the food

Because of his very successful graduation period at Datatrics, Robbin is now employed as a New Business Development Coordinator. “In this job I am responsible for the acquisition process of new clients in the Netherlands. I also support the account management team by providing them with leads. It is my responsibility to promote Datatrics and the Datatrics platform”. 


Robbin adds: “If I have any tips for people looking for an internship or graduation period? Make sure to think of ways to have a good lunch on Friday. Anything food related will make your colleagues like you more ;)”.


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