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How do you use travel data for personalization?

This is a summary of a blog on Emerce in Dutch, and is written by Gerrie Brand. How can you use data […]

This is a summary of a blog on Emerce in Dutch, and is written by Gerrie Brand.

How can you use data to attract potential customers, instead of waiting for them to click on the request button on your website? And once they connected, how do you measure the effect of your efforts?

Relevant communication based on data

It is all about relevant communication with the traveler to not come across as annoying. How big should your database be to achieve this? We assume a minimum of thousand transactions is needed to do a meaningful analysis.

You can prepare personalized content for each phase of the customer journey and customer profile. You determine the message, the system will calculate when something should be shown, and to who. Naturally, the results of each action is measured and transparent and, if necessary, adjustments are made by the algorithms.

Drawbacks and opportunities

The technology is there, but datamanagement has its drawbacks, according to an assesment of the roundtable-participants. For example, how do you deal with the new privacy law (GDPR)? When you decide to use a data tool, it is important to get one which is GDPR-complient. Next to this, employees should have good training in using and collecting of data, so there will be no impure profiles.

If you implement everything right, data management offers great opportunities, according to travel entrepreneurs. You gain a better understanding of the customer journey, it has a positive effect on strength and growth and you can use the available resources more effectively. 

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