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How started with a free Datatrics account and personalized the customer journey is a webshop for individuals and companies looking for machinery, tools, building materials, advice, and ironmongery. Bart de Vries, E-commerce Manager, went looking for a suitable Customer Data Platform (CDP) to take the next step in personalizing the customer journey. As one of the first people who started with the recently launched free version of Datatrics, Bart shares his views about the advantages of starting with a freemium and his experience with the Datatrics platform.



Why were you looking for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and how did you get in contact with Datatrics? was ready to take the next step in marketing personalization. I had already heard and read about the power of CDPs, but I wasn't sure how it worked exactly. In the summer, I therefore requested a demo of Datatrics' actionable CDP. The demo provided a lot of insights into what a CDP could mean for our e-commerce customers. However, purchasing a full license didn't fit in our planning, so we postponed that and later started with a freemium first.

When were you ready for the next step?

I may not have been ready for it yet, but a free CDP version became available a few months later, and Datatrics contacted me. The question was whether I wanted to start with this free version to collect data, insights, and build customer profiles. That's the moment when I decided to start doing that. After all, it was completely free of charge, so we could begin building 360-degree customer profiles of the visitors to our webshop without any investments or time pressure.

"We can now tailor marketing efforts to specific needs of our audience, improving relevance and conversions."

Bart de Vries, E-commerce Manager

How did you experience the implementation process?

Implementing the Datatrics platform did not take much time, and we could put it into use quickly. It was a matter of posting a few scripts. Meantime, I did consider the help center and documentation of Datatrics. Fortunately, that was clear and comprehensive, and therefore it gave me sufficient confidence during the onboarding and implementation.

What did the start-up phase look like?

After Datatrics had collected a month's data for the MijnIJzerwaren domain, I saw how much data was already available to make predictions about the customer’s journey phases. These insights allowed us to set up personalized campaigns that could improve the relevance for our website visitors - and thus conversions. For example, we created a campaign for showing personalized product recommendations based on historical click behavior. Moreover, we developed an abandoned cart campaign to motivate customers, who abandoned their shopping carts, to complete the ordering process. Because I saw the potential even more clearly by then, I decided at the end of January to switch to a paid, full version of Datatrics to utilize all features. We already had the first campaign live one month later, so the start-up phase went smoothly. Now we can do everything we want with the full version of the CDP and continue to utilize the platform's possibilities.

"A free version allowed us to explore the solution at our own pace, without having to make any investments."

Bart de Vries, E-commerce Manager at

What was the advantage of starting with a free CDP account?

Being able to start with a freemium worked out very well for us. With the free version, we didn’t experience any pressure that you would have to implement it and get it to work as quickly as possible. I have seen that in many cases, this leads to disappointments and early exits. A free version allowed us to explore the solution at our own pace and see what the marketing personalization solution could do for us, before we had to make any investments. It was perfect.

Can you already share something about your first results?

Our first abandoned cart campaign has been running for a few months now, and the first results are encouraging! The Datatrics software works excellent, and all pieces of the puzzle fall into place now. Before using a CDP, our marketing efforts were a lot less tailored to the specific needs of our audience, resulting in a lower marketing ROI. Now we can tailor campaigns and targeting parameters that better align with customer needs. That is – and certainly in the long term – the most significant gain from using Datatrics' actionable customer data platform.

Curious about what Datatrics can do for your organization? Request a demo or experience it yourself by requesting a free Datatrics account. With the free version of our CDP, you can explore the Datatrics CDP environment, start collecting data and discover new insights about your customer’s behavior and needs.