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More direct bookings: how to make smart use of your data?

This is a summary of a blog on Emerce in Dutch, and is written by Michael Linthorst (Copernica). It is difficult […]

This is a summary of a blog on Emerce in Dutch, and is written by Michael Linthorst (Copernica).

It is difficult for parties in the travel industry to get in contact with new customers. The competition is high and online travel agents (OTAs), like and Expedia, dominate the customer journey. Yet you can win these giants, according to Datatrics. The travel industry is struggling with a number of challenges in entering and maintaining a relationship with customers. On top of the list is identifying and understanding a customer so you can personalize your communication and offerings, and gain loyalty.

Next to internal problems, there are some external obstacles. Travel companies have trouble attracting new customers who will book directly and know too little about existing customers to increase conversion. The core message: use available data in a smart, automated way, and combine these insights with e-mail marketing.

So, the starting point is a 360-degree customer view. You can use patterns from existing customers to approach new customers. Thereafter, you can determine what you have to show, where, and at what time. In addition, the phase of the customer journey is included. As mentioned before, every company has the data needed. Within travel, the most important data sources are usually the website, e-mail marketing and advertising. As a result of data-driven marketing comined with human creativity leads to a better relationships with new and existing customers, and more conversion.

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NOTE: it is in Dutch.

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