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We designed the Datatrics Partner Program for you to become even more valuable to your clients, and to let them make the most of their marketing opportunities.

Partnering with Datatrics pays off for you in serveral ways

Referral partners

Spread the word about Datatrics with your clients, and get a commission when they subscribe to one of our paid plans.

Integration partners

Enrich your own product with predictive insights by using our data management platform and predictive algorithms.

Value Added Partners

Use Datatrics for your clients and offer services such as consultancy, implementation, integration and support.

Choose the partnership you need

We offer several types of partnerships, ranging from referrals to integrations of Datatrics in your businesses value proposition.

  • Payback fee on new subscription
  • Training
  • Marketing Kit
  • Marketing Collaboration
  • Early-bird access to new features
  • Listing on our partners page
  • Technical Support
  • Dedicated Solution Architect
  • Involvement in development
Referral Partner
Integration Partner
Value Added Partner

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Keep focus on your marketing goals.

Datatrics makes it easy to focus your marketing efforts on the goals you want to achieve.
Just select which goals you want to achieve and start working!

Increase Sales

Focuses on increasing your sales, by searching for trends and predicting which products certain customers are most likely to buy.

Increase Engagement

Focuses on increasing your customer engagement, by predicting what to post, who to contact through which channel.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increases the expected amount of money a customer will spend on your products. It searches for products your customer is most susceptible to.

Increase Brand Awareness

Focuses on increasing your brand awareness. The recommendations are based on the analysis of search trends and social media.

Increase Customer Retention

Focuses on retaining your customers. When you see a decrease in customers, Datatrics will help you to retain them.

Increase Purchase Frequency

Focuses on increasing your customer engagement, by predicting what to post, who to contact through which channel.

Increase Average Order Value

Focuses on increasing the average value of an order. This tric aims for short term increases in sales.

Increase Customer Happiness

We tell you what makes your customers happy using sentiment analysis. based on content in social media, helpdesks and reviews.

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Companies that love Datatrics

Many companies love Datatrics

Your clients are in good company to become a data-driven marketing champion themselves.

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