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Predictive Marketing

Identify buying phases and customer types, get predictive insights and be even more persuasive on all your channels.

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Target buying phase & customer type

We identify people, not just data touchpoints. Target your customers based on more than just demographics. We match new customers to your audience, and predict their buying phase and customer type.

Be even more persuasive

People make decisions mostly based on psychology. Make your marketing even more persuasive using our built-in persasion framework. Should you give a discount, or use social proof like reviews? Now you know.

Predict your customers' value

Is your customer a high value client, or a visitor with low engagement? We predict the expected lifetime value, engagement and opportunity for each of your customer. Nurture clients or engage leaving customers.

Get actionable insights

Our Next Best Actions tell you exactly what makes your customers smile. Know what to post, which channel to use, who to contact and when to do so. Collaborate with your team, plan actions and reach your marketing goals.

Are you ready to give your marketing efforts a boost?

Are you curious why many companies use Datatrics, and how we optimize their marketing efforts? Read our Success Stories or see for yourself!

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