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Datatrics introduces the virtual Shopping Assistant for e-commerce websites

Datatrics now supports product recommendation through a virtual Shopping Assistant, for fully personalized customer experiences and significant returns in terms of conversion and retention.

How much would the turnover of an e-commerce increase if it could count on the presence of a virtual shopping assistant, available 24 hours a day and able to support users’ purchase decisions in an intelligent way?

A lot! For this reason, we have developed a virtual Shopping Assistant able to leverage the power of Datatrics’ AI to guide buyers in choosing the items closest to their profile and purchase phase.

How does the virtual Shopping Assistant work?

For the end-user, the Shopping Assistant looks like a chat box to interact with for suggestions on products and offers. The engagement is triggered by dynamic criteria, such as page type, on-page time, or specific items displayed.

For the e-commerce manager, on the other hand, the Shopping Assistant works as a simple, intuitive recommendation tool, capable of engaging the user in a smart way. It can be implemented in just a few clicks and does not require any technical skills.

An intuitive and intelligent purchase guide

The Shopping Assistant suggests products or categories based on the data collected by Datatrics during the user’s stay on the site and analyzed to determine the purchase phase or conversion potential. It doesn’t work like the next normal chatbot, but like a real virtual sales assistant, able to guide users to the best pick by suggesting the right product or service.

The Shopping Assistant guides the user in the choice starting from the available data and, based on the subsequent choices, reorients the recommended products. It can record preferences and add them to the user profile, thus increasing the potential for segmentation through subsequent actions.

The Datatrics Shopping Assistant also offers the possibility of calling up external services at any point in the conversation with the user, thus allowing a fully frictionless experience within the e-commerce ecosystem.

4 out of 10 users want to interact with a virtual Shopping Assistant

Market insights indicate that effective virtual support for the online purchase process is not only an added bonus for users, but an actual necessity. It reduces friction in the shopping experience due to context (small devices, complex navigation) and too difficult discovery processes on highly structured product catalogs.

The combination of Conversational Marketing and Artificial Intelligence makes it easy to address this need in the most effective way possible. A relevant customer journey, today, is no longer just a matter of the right message at the right time, but provides personalized content selected in real-time.

The evolution of the Shopping Assistant

The virtual Shopping Assistant adds an important piece to the Datatrics solution, a CDP that creates customized customer journeys based on data and behaviors of each user.

The idea of ​​developing the Shopping Assistant was born in Datatrics from listening to customers (today over 350), who expressed the need for a simple, intuitive and effective tool to support their engagement, conversion, and retention goals. In line with the corporate vision to make powerful technology available for all marketers, Datatrics created this feature in such a way that it can be beneficial for all marketers, regardless of their skills, knowledge or resources.

In the future, the tool will be increasingly capable of handling conversations on its own, without predefined responses or scenarios created by the marketing team. In addition, the Shopping Assistant will also support the post-purchase phases by offering support functionalities.

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