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Smartphonehoesjes and Datatrics

By using Datatrics attracts new customers, increases their conversion rate and increases loyalty & engagement, leading to a conversion increase of 28%! is the largest webshop for smartphone covers, tablet covers and mobile accessories in The Netherlands. has a wide range of products and well over 45,000 products in stock.

Many people own a smartphone or tablet nowadays. The landscape of smartphones and preferences of the people who own them evolves rapidly. With such a diverse audience, and many different products, it’s difficult to create a unique experience for each visitor, while being relevant is key in winning the hearts of consumers. wanted to create a more personalized experience for each customer. They wanted to make the most out of the data they have already collected from their customers and followers, but lacked the knowledge to do that in a profitable manner. As the largest player in the field, they wanted to stay ahead of the competition.


“Just when we thought we could not grow rapidly anymore in The Netherlands, we were able to increase our online conversions with 28% using Datatrics.”

Marcel Hooft
Marketing Director at


Website Personalization

Create unique experiences that drive conversion

Your website is where the conversion happens. It’s key to serve each visitor with a custom tailored experience to suit their information needs. uses Datatrics to personalize their website based on customer types, buying phases and persuasion sensitivity, creating a unique experience for each visitor. Doing so, they have increased their conversion rate with 28%.


Attract new customers with advertising

It’s important to make sure your brand is known and top of mind with your (potential) customers. Using Datatrics, it’s easy to target high potential customers, based on data from all your tools, on all your channels, including many advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords and DoubleClick. uses Datatrics to synchronize their predictive segments with advertising tools to increase their Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Email Marketing

Increase loyalty and keep customers engaged

You have to keep your customers satisfied. A loyal customer is a valuable agent for your brand. Also, being relevant is key to keep customers coming back for many returning purchases. uses Datatrics’ built-in mailing solution to send triggered emails to customers after their purchase and to personalize email campaigns, increasing customer loyalty and engagement and promoting upsell for their products. Emails that once contained the same content for each recipient now include personal product recommendations.

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