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Success Stories

Strong Viking and Datatrics

By making use of Datatrics, Strong Viking increased loyalty & engagement among the Stong Viking lovers and they realized a conversion increased by 22%.


Personalization leads to a 22% increase in conversions

Ever since Strong Viking started using online data the right way, their efficiency has skyrocketed.


About Strong Viking

Strong Viking was founded by Jan Reijs alongside a team consisting of entrepreneurs with experience in extreme sports and ex-marines with a passion for the sport. Together they set out to create the biggest and best obstacle run in the world. Quality, safety, and development are their main priorities. This leads us to their biggest sales channel, their website. Dennis Hagen, working for Datatrics partner DAYLEE, is currently active as an online marketeer for Strong Viking.

Headquarters: Cuijk

Industry: Events



The challenge

Even though their website is the most important sales channel, they did not yet have sufficient insights into their online data. They did, however, have the desire to start using this data in order to increase their conversion rate. Fortunately, thanks to Datatrics, they succeeded.

The solution

Up-sell and Cross-sell using a retention grid

“Throughout the years Strong Viking has managed to gather a lot of data. Unfortunately, they were unable to base any conclusions on it. This meant that they were not able to use this data for future events. The goal was using the data of previous participants to boost conversion rates at future events. This is both aimed at people looking to do the same Strong Viking-run as well as people signing up for a different one like a water/mud edition. We are currently working with Datatrics to realize this. One of the ways we are doing this is by creating a dashboard based on a retention grid. Using this we can see which runners are most engaged and who is less involved. We also have insights into people who did not finish their run. In total there are 6 categories. For every category, we have created personalized content that fits the 360-degree customer profile provided by Datatrics.”




Personalization per phase in the customer journey

“Let’s say someone has completed a 7 and 13km run. Knowing this we can show the visitor personalized content asking him if he wants to attempt a 19km run. Next to this we also try to entice visitors with the special medals Strong Viking offers based on someone’s participation throughout the year. This allows us to keep Upsell going at all times. We also look at the person’s position in the customer journey. Is this visitor in the orientation phase, then showing runs in the visitor’s surrounding area will prove effective? After a visitor clicks on the event page, we will start using persuasions like scarcity. All of these steps are easily realized thanks to the flexibility Datatrics offers.”




Personalization and conversion increase per event.

“Personalizing through Datatrics works all the way from the homepage to the actual conversion. We check if a conversion takes place and if so, look at the item that was bought. We however do not just personalize based on individual users but also per event. If tickets for a specific event are sold out within a short amount of time, we will give them the label “popular”. This label by itself is also a persuasion. We want to make everything dynamic. This includes a label like “last tickets available”. We are very content with the results that we have been able to achieve while using Datatrics. We will however always be looking to make it even better.”


+22% Conversion increase

+11% Additional revenue


“Being able to design a personalized experience for our visitors is a huge boon to Strong Viking. Due to the diversity in both target audience as well as offered services, Datatrics helps us create a unique experience for every visitor. By allowing us to target the audience on a more personal and direct level, Strong Viking has managed to make a lot of progress in both customer satisfaction as well as conversion increase.


  • Bas Klunder – digital content manager Strong Viking







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