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VNOM and Datatrics

By using Datatrics VNOM attracts new candidates, increases their conversion rate and increases loyalty & engagement among candidates, leading to a conversion increase of 42%!


VNOM, founded in 2009, is a leading recruitment firm based in the Netherlands specialized in recruiting for the construction and manufacturing sector.

Despite the decreasing Dutch unemployment rate and the increasing need for skilled labour, VNOM successfully operates in the field of specialist recruitment; connecting people’s talents and dreams with companies. VNOMs marketing team helps candidates with their job search by enabling them to easily find technical career opportunities matching their skills, knowledge and experience without having to explore the entire website to find the right job. To realize this objective, creating a more personalized experience for job seekers is key. That’s why VNOM wanted to make the most out of the data they have already collected from their candidates and followers, but they lacked the knowledge to do that in a profitable manner. By using Datatrics VNOM attracts new candidates, increases their conversion rate and increases loyalty & engagement among candidates.


“A Data Management Platform (DMP) – such as Datatrics – is mainly used by marketers in the e-commerce. At VNOM we see the recruitment process becoming more reliant on technology and data. Therefore, the need for a DMP emerges. This is why we started using Datatrics. With Datatrics, we get to know all about the candidate journey, which enables us to design and implement our recruitment (marketing) activities more effectively. In 2018 we won the Recruitment Tech Award. This confirmed what we already knew: Datatrics can make recruitment more successful.”

Jessey de Charon de Saint Germain
Marketing Manager at VNOM


Website Personalization

Create unique experiences that drive conversion

Your website is where the conversion happens. It’s key to serve each visitor with a custom tailored experience to suit their information needs. VNOM uses Datatrics to personalize their website based on candidate types, buying phases, vacancy related candidate journeys and persuasion sensitivity, creating an unique experience for each visitor. Doing so, they have increased their conversion rate with 42%.



Attract new candidates with advertising

It’s important to make sure your brand is known and top of mind with your (potential) candidates. Using Datatrics, it’s easy to target high potential candidates, based on data from all your tools, on all your channels, including many advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads. VNOM uses Datatrics to synchronize their predictive segments with advertising tools to increase their Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).


Email Marketing

Increase loyalty and keep candidates engaged

You have to keep your candidates satisfied. A loyal candidate is a valuable agent for your agency and will come back to you for many returning job searches. Being relevant is key to keep your candidates happy and coming back to your website. Using Datatrics, VNOM delivers highly personalized and relevant email content based on previous visits, viewed job openings, submitted applications, behavior and preferences. Email campaigns that once contained the same content for each recipient now include unique and personal job recommendations.


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