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Boost your bookings by putting your data to work

If you know exactly what your guests want, it’s easy to increase the RevPAR. You just need a smart algorithm to help you to transform your available data into predictive marketing actions. You need Datatrics.

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We enable you to

1. All your data in one place

Easily connect your channels into an overview of all your internal and external data.

2. Build your 360-degree guest profiles

Powerful algorithms and machine learning to predict customer interest.

3. Create relevant customer journeys

Datatrics serves relevant and personal content along your guest's journey.

Increase visitors through data-driven advertising

Increase visitor numbers

More traffic, more bookings

One of the best things about Datatrics is that it's not only for use on your website. You can also manage your online ads and email campaigns based on the available data from all your channels. This is an amazing way to lead more potential guests to your site and to increase the conversion rate. Don't depend on OTA's as much anymore. Create more customer loyalty and higher conversion value.

Through the roof

Boost your RevPAR

More revenue per available room is a piece of cake once you know exactly how to make every guest feel at home. Datatrics helps you predict the next best actions for a single guest or a group of guests. Watch your RevPAR go through the roof!

Be more personal

The power of personalization

Your guests want to feel special. Datatrics helps you make them feel that way. By taking personalization to the next level for your company, your guests will get exactly the content served to them that fits like a glove.

Highly personalized content

The interests, context and specific preferences of your guests can all be incorporated into highly personalized content. All you need to do is connect the right channels and let Datatrics predict which content can be best served next. Experience what the power of personalization can do for your company.

Increase bookings

Find out which persuasion method works best

Some people are easily persuaded by scarcity, while others rely on social proof before making their definitive choice. Datatrics can help you find out which group of guests should be served with which type of persuasion content.

Keeping all options open and combining data from different channels, Datatrics can predict which persuasion method will work best in which situation. The more different kinds of content you provide, the better our algorithm predicts next time.

This is just a grasp of the tools we provide to increase direct bookings.

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Increase customer loyalty

Increase loyalty by being personal

When someone knows you by name and knows about your likes and dislikes, it creates a connection. This is a very good base for loyalty. Your guests will be easier to persuade once you optimized your personalization with Datatrics. Send personalized emails using all data you gathered and increase loyalty!

Reward your loyal guests

Creating loyalty is an ongoing strategy. One of the ways to make your guests even more loyal is to reward them for their loyalty. This is where Datatrics comes in. The more you use Datatrics, the more you know about your loyal guests and the more you can personalize their content, including their rewards. They will love you forever.

We connect to 120+ channels

And the number keeps growing quickly. All the channels you use can be connected. Don't see your channel here? Let us know and we can make sure it connects to Datatrics soon.

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“Datatrics helps us to increase direct bookings on our website”.

Bob Lodder, Landgoed De Holtweijde

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