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Van den Assem and Datatrics

Find out how Van den Assem Schoenen uses Datatrics to personalize their website and email marketing, leading to an online conversion increase of 35%!

Van den Assem Schoenen, founded in 1910, is a family business which currently has 15 stores, two webshops and about 200 employees. They have a wide product range including female, male and child shoes, bags and accessories, with brands like UGG, Shabbies Amsterdam, Magnanni, Santoni and Unisa.

Being involved, helpful, honest, modest and hospitable are the most important core values of the organisation. The ‘Van den Assem-feeling’ has everything to do with making customers happy, they want to create the ultimate customer experience.

Van den Assem Schoenen uses Datatrics to unify their customer data in one platform and create 360 degree customer profiles. They use Datatrics to create a personalized experience on their website and (re)engage customers using email marketing.

“After we started using Datatrics on our website and in personalized email campaigns, our click-through and conversion rate increased significantly. We appreciate the chat function in the platform, offering quick and helpful support. The user-friendly platform, with which we achieved great results, makes us an enthusiastic client.”

Dominique Brouwer
Online Marketer at Van den Assem Schoenen

Website Personalization

Create unique experiences that drive conversion

Your website is where the conversion happens. It’s key to serve each visitor with a custom tailored experience to suit their information needs. Van den Assem Schoenen uses Datatrics to personalize their website based on buying phases, brand related customer journeys and persuasion sensitivity, creating a unique experience for each visitor. Doing so, they have increased their conversion rate with 35%.

Email Marketing

Increase customer loyalty and engagement

You have to keep your customers satisfied. A loyal customer is a valuable agent for your brand and will come back for returning purchases. Using Datatrics, Van den Assem Schoenen delivers highly personalized and relevant email content based on previous purchases, behavior and preferences. By sending triggered emails to customers with Datatrics’ built-in mailing solution, Van den Assem Schoenen increases customer loyalty & engagement and promotes upsell for their products.

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