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Build data-driven customer journeys that increase your conversion. Datatrics helps you identify your visitors and predicts their buying phase and customer behavior through the use of smart integrations. Indeed, this means more sales with less effort.

  • Get more visitors to your website
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Increase your customer loyalty

Build data-driven customer journeys that are more relevant, increase conversion and increase customer loyalty.

Your website is where conversions take place. It is important to offer every visitor a unique experience that is completely tailored to his information needs. With Datatrics you can personalize the website based on customer types, buying phases and sensitivity to persuasion techniques. This way you create a unique experience for every visitor.

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The power of Datatrics

Step 1
1. All your data in one place

Easily connect your channels into an overview of all your internal and external data.

Step 2
2. Build your 360-degree customer profiles

Powerful algorithms and machine learning to predict customer interest.

Step 3
3. Create relevant customer journeys

Datatrics serves relevant and personal content along your customer's journey.

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“Datatrics helps us to increase direct bookings on our website”.

Bob Lodder, De Holtweijde Estate

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